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Host: Joe MacMorran (photo credit: Erik Lindquist)

Hello, my name is Joe MacMorran. For those of you that are unfamiliar with me, I’m a percussion educator, arranger, composer, performer, and entrepreneur. I’m fascinated by the percussion community and how it seems to be evolving at a rapid pace. With the help of social media, movies, tv shows, and a growing number of advocates in the public our community seems to be thriving more than ever before.

Around the time that I began this project, I wanted to make sure that I could start something broad enough that captures the percussion community as a whole while keeping it small enough to make us all feel connected. I wanted to know more about the faces behind our industries top companies, percussion arrangers, show designers, orchestral percussion sections, and everything in between. For me, personally, I wanted to ask the questions behind the scenes. What small or big adjustments are being made to create the life that they live now? What books do they recommend? What do their first few hours of the day look like? What makes them different from other percussionists? What makes them similar? I sought to create this podcast because I know that regardless of all the different ideas and philosophies out there, we are all bound together by one unifying art; percussion.

It is my hope that there is something for everyone to take away from these conversations.

And now, it is with great joy to present to you, Different Strokes: A Percussion Podcast.

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